Female CEO

Becoming a member

If you are a female professional looking to learn from and with others who have already experienced, or are experiencing now, the roadblocks, pitfalls, and challenges of being a female in today's work environment,  join us and let us help you; accelerate your rise in the organization, manage your daily challenges, and significantly improve your success and happiness both in and out of the office.

boardroom_womenWe are a female professional's  only membership group dedicated exclusively to helping and supporting professional females attain higher levels of professional and personal performance.
Members of Female Executive Board are all professional females focused on accelerating their rise in organizations, managing their challenges; developing their professional legacy, creating exit strategies,  or re-purposing skills and significantly improving their success.

Members of Female Executive Board are female executives who are:

  • Looking to advance their professional presence and accelerate their rise in organizations
  • Amplifying their impact and magnifying their results
  • Accurately identifying and using their strengths while compensating appropriately for their weaknesses
  • Honing their critical thinking and decision-making abilities
  • Strengthening their knowledge of strategy, negotiation, communication and leadership
  • Looking for different results, thus they are “seeing things differently” and are willing to do things differently with the help of Female Executive Board
  • Committed to the confidentiality of information shared
  • Committed to attending and participating in meetings and sessions
  • Willing to be held accountable for their commitments
  • Willing to get outside of their comfort zones and be open and even vulnerable within their groups (once trust with the other members and the group mentor is established)
  • Building and securing support for innovative ideas and strategic opportunities
  • Accelerating their rise in organizations
  • Finding balance between career and personal life
  • Building valuable relationships with other successful female professionals
  • Developing exit strategies/repurposing their skills
  • Developing and achieving their professional legacy
  • Significantly improving their success

Benefits of Female Executive Board

- Accelerate your Success

- Advance your Professional Presence

- Amplify your Impact

- Avoid Pitfalls

- Strengthen your Knowledge

- Develop your Brand

- Collaborate with other Professional Females